Care with Heart​

  • Care and support for people with learning disabilities
  • Flexible and person-centred
  • Care at home - yours or ours
  • Let's have an adventure! Help to get out and about
  • Live the life you choose
  • Challenge yourself and achieve your goals
  • Based in South Oxfordshire
Live a life you love


Care with Heart was established in November 2018 to help people with learning disabilities in South Oxfordshire live the lives they choose. Here's a little information about how we got started and our ethos. 

Sophia Trinder is a registered nurse, specialising in learning disabilities and children's nursing. She qualified in 2004 from Oxford Brookes, and has spent her career to date supporting people with learning disabilitities to access respite care and meaningful opportunities within their local communities. 

Sophia's passion is supporting people with learning disabilities to challenge their limitations, and finding new and innovative ways to help people take risks and live the life they choose. Sophia worked in community respite care services in Oxfordshire from 2004 to 2016, when she decided to become self-employed and set up an independent service. 

Care with Heart began as a one-woman band, but demand quickly increased and in October 2018 Sophia's husband Ian joined Sophia full-time to help more people receive outstanding, person-centred care. They set up a limited company, and Care with Heart was born. Very quickly, however, word spread and we are once again expanding to meet the needs of our growing community of people with learning disabilities and their families. 

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I will support you in the way you want to be supported. Everyone's different, and I will do my best to find out what you want from your life and how  can help you achieve that. If you like, I would be very happy to help you write a person-centred plan.
Having worked in respite care for a long time, I am experienced in helping families with the challenges they face as they care for a person who has a learning disability. I know sometimes it's hard for familes to leave a vulnerable person with someone else, and I will work flexibly with you to help build your confidence and trust in me. I can provide practical help and support with assessments, support you in meetings with professionals, and help advocate for your needs if you would like.
I am skilled in supporting people who need help with communcation. I am experienced in using augmentative communication methods such as Makaton, objects of references, PECS, symbols, eye pointing, gestures and body language, electronic aids such as switches and Eye Gaze technology, and others. If I'm not familiar with your way of communicating, I'd love to learn. I particularly enjoy using Intensive Interaction to help people have a social exchange.


I am very experienced in supporting people with high levels of clinical need such as recurrent chest infections, breathing difficulties, asthma, tracheostomies, gastrostomies, enteral feeding, epilepsy, swallowing difficulties, hydrocephalus, moving and handling needs, incontinence, catheterisation, and others. If I am not yet trained in a procedure you need, I am very happy to learn - after all, it will make me a better nurse!



I enjoy teaching, and can train carers in clinical skills in accordance with Oxfordshire Shared Care Protocols.
I am trained in ProAct-SCIP(R)-UK which is a proactive behaviour management strategy. I am confident and calm when supporting people with learning disabilities who present challenging behaviour, and maintain unconditional positive regard for individuals. Presenting challenging behaviour is ofen an indicator that something is wrong, whether it is an unmet need or preferring to be supported differently: I am committed to managing behaviour proactively and reflectively.



Speaks for itself, really.


I really care about my work, and I genuinely care about the people I support. If you need some extra help or there is an emergency and I'm available, I'll be there for you.
I live in a four bedroom house. A downstairs bedroom and bathroom are available, and are wheelcair accessible. The bathroom has a jacuzzi bath, and accessible shower, and a body dryer. We currently have a stairlift in situ, and the upstairs bedrom has a cabin bed. There is a bathroom upstairs as well, with a bath. We currently do not have a hoist or a shower trolley, or a profiling bed though they are soon to come!


If you come to my home for care, you will also meet my husband Ian and my cat Neroli! They both live with me, so if you are allergic to either of them we will have to make different plans!